Verge Coin Reports It Wasn’t Affected With FUD And Sees Green With New Announcement & Upcoming Meetup

Recently, Verge getting 51% assaulted the third time surfaced everywhere throughout the Reddit. But, later on, it turned out to be evident that the news was a FUD. The Verge developer declared that everything was fine with its system.


The news saw a great deal of Reddit activity, but, Verge price is unaffected as at present in the green. Over the most recent 24-hours, Verge saw an ascent of 2.06 percent while ascending to $0.039, at the time of writing. With the market cap of $585 million, as indicated by the Coinmarketcap, Verge is at 33 positions.


After Pornhub deal, Verge is presently been officially acknowledged by MyFitStuff. An e-commerce webpage, MyFitStuff centers on fitness merchandise which is currently officially accepting cryptos as a payment method.


The Los Angeles, CA-based online shop only accepts Verge digital currency. In relations with the intergrated payment gateway, it is being acknowledged.


MyFitStuff tweeted the news with: “ officially accepts @vergecurrency now!! Feel free to shop our site and pay with #XVG.”

Verge is hosting a meetup in partnership with TokePay in Amsterdam. According to its official website:


“The meet-up will take place on the 9th of June in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, and will take place on a boat, which we will cruise on through the Amsterdam canals.”


Moreover, it mentions:


“We will have several speakers and special guests during this event who will provide information about the Verge Currency project, blockchain development in general, as well as touch on topics related to other developments in the crypto space.”


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