More Crypto Learning Centers Open Across Asia

In Tokyo, a new Bitcoin education window has just been opened. “Bitcoin no Madoguchi” (literally translated a “Bitcoin’s Window”), has recently started offering information on cryptocurrencies, crypto exchanges and the latest news in the space.
Customers wanting to learn things relating to the new technology can now make reservations. In an announcement on its website, the company said, “You can receive explanations and guidance about virtual currencies for free from the concierge at a real store so that novice investors in virtual currency can enjoy bitcoins and altcoins easily.”
The company is planning to offer a service for anyone who wants to start investing, even for those considering a crypto investment of 1 million yen (approximately $9,206).
Japanese local media reports that the ‘Bitcoin window’ offers information on major cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH as well as major crypto exchanges in Japan. That includes Tech Bureau’s Zaif, Bitflyer, Bitbank, GMO Coin and DMM Bitcoin.
The Sankei Biz reported last week that Zero Base has also opened up Bit Station educational center in the main shopping district of Osaka to provide general information on cryptocurrencies for those “who cannot take the first step in virtual currency trading.”
The news outlet also revealed that, “The store will provide information on various cryptocurrencies and exchanges, how to use various exchanges, how to open accounts at various exchanges, how to store cryptocurrencies in wallets, and tax consultation.”
The publication also described that the store has information on Bitflyer, Zaif, DMM Bitcoin, GMO Coin and other domestic and overseas exchanges. It also added that customers can learn about cryptocurrencies such as “bitcoin, ripple, [and] Cardano.” Its Facebook page says that Bit Station “is a real shop that supports the opening of accounts of exchanges, to the point where you can actually trade.”
In Thailand, the Thai FinTech Association has launched the Cryptoasset revolution (CAR) course in collaboration with Icora Co. Ltd. This course “will provide participants with a complete understanding and knowledge about investing in crypto assets and initial coin offerings (ICOs),” having in mind that the first course will hold at the Grand Hyatt Erawan hotel in Bangkok from June 12 to August 14 and will cost 185,000 baht (about $5,755).
In South Korea, Decenter University has launched an introductory course on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The course will last for 9 months and run every Monday between June 11 and August 6. The university’s website details that a total of 70 students will be admitted on the first come first serve basis.
The aim of the course is to help students “Understand exactly the origin and working principles of Bitcoin and Ethereum; Understand the impact that blockchain have on existing industries by analyzing key projects using blockchain; [and] Identify the global government and financial industry visions and trends toward the blockchain. Students will also have the opportunity to network “with experts and participants” in the industry.


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