Atlantislabs Launches New Application that Enables BCH-Powered Encrypted Messages

Keyport is an application with a platform that utilizes the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network’s OP_Codes and enables users to send and receive encrypted messages built on top of the BCH chain and the Toku protocol. The new Keyport platform was created and developed by Atlantislabs and allows anyone to message each other in an encrypted way, at the same time communications are saved to the BCH chain in an OP_Return transaction and only the recipient can decrypt the messages sent.

At the moment, Bitcoin Cash enthusiasts can now use the new encrypted messaging application which is powered by the Toku protocol and the BCH blockchain. The beta platform Keyport is currently available on the Google Play Store and the Keyport developing team also released a video demo. This demo is to give people a glimpse of how to use the application. Shravan Shandilya, the co-founder of Atlantislabs told about this new platform, stating; “Keyport is a peer to peer messaging app that is built over the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.” Messages are encrypted and embedded in the OP_Return of a transaction – only the intended recipient can decrypt your chats. For each message, you will need to transfer dust and small miner fee. He also added that; “As the protocol is built over the decentralized blockchain, third parties cannot intercept or block your chats such as what is being done to messaging apps like Telegram – the protocol can be extended to enable future privacy, by generating one-way ephemeral secrets.”

In addition to that, he noted that the Keyport project was founded alongside his partner Sumanth Neppalli. Both of them are huge Bitcoin Cash maximalists who believe that innovation has been stifled by the Bitcoin scaling debate for so many years. Shandilya mentioned that they had been exploring different ways to increase adoption and initially built a payment gateway that accepted zero confirmation transaction.

He also told citing that; “What we observed was that merchants already had payment gateways and we should look at other ways to increase user adoption – around the same time, we observed that censorship on multiple platforms such as Twitter, Reddit has become rampant. We saw firsthand that when information is controlled as in the case of the bitcoin subreddit, people cannot see the other perspective.”

The Keyport development team has a Telegram group so users will be able to give the team feedback and report bugs. The team notes that they are inviting any developer interested in working on the project and they plan to open source the code and release for iOS in the near future.


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