CryptoCarz Combines VR With Ethereum-Based Assets


While one can just wonder about the power of blockchain-based assets, there is an inquiry regarding how practical this business model truly is. Despite the fact that anybody and everybody can issue new blockchain assets, not every project will succeed. CryptoKitties is a good case of a project with an of lot hype because everyone was excited about it and it was even revived a couple of times but it is still not on everyone’s radar.

Regardless of whether CryptoCarz will meet a similar fate stays to be resolved. The group needs to make blockchain assets one step ahead by connecting them to virtual reality racing. Particularly CryptoCarz which is consist of more than one player, with a immersive VR-enabled racing experience. There is also a small twist as players need a virtual car.

Every one of those cars is issued on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC721 token. This ascribes a collectible status to the different cars which make up the CryptoCarz universe and can be raced in virtual reality. Strangely, the CryptoCarz vehicles will be linked to the top cryptocurrencies. To be specific, twenty car models will be made, representing top cryptocurrencies available today. Concerning the autos themselves, they are not by any means interesting, as each model will have up to 650 units. Nonetheless, just a single kind of every car will be permitted in a given race, which makes more sense.

It is obvious this activity may demonstrate to some degree effective. People tend to be a lot excited when it comes to blockchain resources, yet virtual reality still remains to be some sort of niche market, for evident reasons. Such blockchain assets cater for existing cryptocurrency devotees, which won’t really enhance its chances of accomplishment over the long haul. Even so, CryptoCarz may draw in some mainstream attention that is when technology is set up.

For those intrigued by this project, it can be worth looking at the project’s whitepaper. In spite of the fact that there is no shortage when it comes to this project, it is apparent things may not really turn out all too well. A lot of projects want to ride the coattails of CryptoKitties, yet it stays to be seen whether any venture can even measure up to that project’s accomplishment in the coming months and years.


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