Using A Variety Of Cryptocurrencies, Twitch Users Can Now Tip Each Other

Using a variety of cryptocurrencies, users of the popular video game streaming application Twitch can now tip each other. Through a user’s Coinbase account, the integration is made possible by a company known as Streamlabs who have built a protocol that can send tips.

With four Different cryptocurrencies, Twitch Users can now tip each other

Extremely popular, is the well-known video game stream website Twitch, in which every month, millions of viewers visit the page. Additionally, with four cryptocurrencies including bitcoin cash (BCH), ethereum (ETH), litecoin (LTC), and bitcoin core (BTC), users of the platform can now tip each other. In attempts to enable crypto-fused tips with no additional fees, Twitch streamers can get a streamlabs account tied to their Coinbase account, essentially. On Sunday, June 4, Streamlabs representative Tom Maneri announced the integration.

Maneri stressed that due to the fact that all streamlabs broadcasters can now accept cryptocurrency tip, “it’s time to give one of your lambos a wash”, according to

Using Twitch, integrating Streamlabs with Coinbase to Tip

A coinbase account is required, in order to integrate cryptocurrency tipping Twitch users need to have a Coinbase account and proceed to the Streamlabs ‘donation settings page’ to choose the ‘Coinbase option’ as reported by In order to proceed, you need to access your account via login and to the Streamlabs platform, tether your Coinbase account. Subsequently, a tip page will pop out for users and similar to fiat, virtual currency tips work alongside your alerts and also you can be alerted when getting a tip. In addition to the above, minus the network fee associated with the specific cryptocurrency chosen for tipping, there are no fees involved with the process.

Maneri detail that, some network transaction fees may be applicable depending on the currency being used, otherwise, streamlabs does not charge a fee, according to

Twitch being one of the top 50 most trafficked websites in the world as well as Twitch is extremely popular gaming site that has millions of unique users,  cryptocurrency proponents are quite pleased with the tipping integration.


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