Artist Ai Weiwei Uses Ethereum To Make Art About ‘Value’

Ai Weiwei, an artist and an activist from China has partnered on a new art venture that uses a couple of recently stamped ethereum-based tokens.

Motherboard reported on Friday that Ai – popular for his feedback of China’s Communist government and in addition his art installations and photographs – is working with Irish conceptual artist Kevin Abosch.

Together, Ai and Abosch have made two new tokens, freely distributable, with an end goal to (as they portray it) illustrate how worth is seen and pervaded within the current society. Also, it’s a territory that Abosch has just been working in – bridging the worlds of art and cryptocurrency through his work– as the New York Times already revealed.

The project, named PRICELESS, this includes twin tokens, one of which is made freely accessible to the degree that in theory, each individual on the planet could claim a division. The other token, according to Motherboard, is bolted away and difficult to reach to anybody.

“It’s not about a potential for creating art, but, rather, to question the existing system and the potential to create a new system outside of the established one,” Ai told Motherboard.

As Abosch said to the production:

“From the moment we’re born, people try to ascribe value to us — ‘Oh, that boy is so full of potential, or oh, that girl is worthless’ — it’s something society does to us and it’s something we do to ourselves … Our project is just another thing to engage people in the hope that they will spend a little bit more time reflecting on the perversity of how most of us ascribe value to things.”

Wallet tends to hold ostensible measures of the PRCLS token have just been imprinted on paper and sold to purchasers, with every wallet address representing various “priceless moments” shared amongst Ai and Abosch, showing how the token can represent value.

Ai uncovered in a meeting with Motherboard that, for him, blockchain represents to “an opportunity to set up a new system that could dismantle the old system, or at least offer a new possibility for communication.”


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