In As Many Months, Verge Struck By Second Pow Attack

By yet another mining attack, accident-prone altcoin verge has been crippled yet again. The network is once again at the mercy of a malicious hacker who is not accepting blocks and profiting handsomely off the carnage caused, a little over a month after being subjected to 51 percent. The risks faced by low hashrate Proof of Work coins is illustrated by the repeated attack.

A verge special by Verge

Causing all blocks to be rejected, Suprvona one of the major altcoin mining pools, informed its 19,000 Twitter followers that verge was suffering yet another 51 percent attack. The same individual who discovered the previous attack in April spotted this same attack. Ocminer wrote, “….”, in a post on the Bitcointalk forum, as reported by

Already from the attack, it is believed to have made $1.7 million and the entity responsible was coining in $1,000 a minute. Fans of verge assigned the attacker’s intentions to “an act of hate” selected to FUD their digital assets, according to On the Bitcointalk forum, this theory gained short shrift, among which a commentator stated that, because it has shitty coding and an incompetent developer, verge is being targeted.

Additionally leading to the hack, is the outcome of the terrible job he did “patching” the previous hack, according to The initial attack included taking advantage of one of the five hashing algorithm verge uses (most cryptocurrencies, the likes of bitcoin only use one), as reported by After renting power from a service like Nicehash and then using it to find all new blocks, the attacker is believed to have used two algos, according to

Meanwhile, followers of the official Verge twitter accounts will not be aware, why their coin is dumping, because the team doesn’t like to share bad news. Moreover, with the account’s previous one in relation to last month’s attack, that tweet is right up there, as understatement go, according to

Verge: Bad for everything else, Good for porn

To say the least, Verge (XVG) has had a roller coaster year. In spite of, revealing to news agency concerning a top paid partnership which appears to be with Pornhub, it has been struck by mining attacks, according to The attacker “is securing his lifetime porn hub membership”, as one Redditor quipped on r/Cryptocurrency, according to Placing it joint 13th out of 28 cryptocurrencies, a Chinese agency ranked verge’s blockchain level with bitcoin itself, only days ago, according to


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