In The Wild Soon, New BCH Apps To Come Soon

In order to make “bitcoin cash available to all”, an event that is centered on developers creating BCH-based apps was held in Hangzhou, China is known as the “BCH Geek” in which 100+ coders gathered on June 1-3 respectively. In efforts to enhance the BCH network, there were a lot of cool apps and the event prove to be a success, as narrated by regional reports and reported by

Using the BCH Chai, a large group of developers at the BCh Geek event Unique Application

In order to build more BCH-centric platforms, one hackathon, in particular, took the stage in Hangzhou, China, as well as, their many applications being built for the Bitcoin Cash network. On the 1st-3rd June firms, such as Bitmain technologies, Viabtc and BTC. Top took part in the BCH geek event. The Hackathon included 100+ programmers who build concrete studies, applications, and prototypes created by utilizing the BCH blockchain technology, according to local reports and BCH-focused forums. The blockchain video portal Chongqing TSD.CC and other members of the BCH community initiated the BCH Geek event.

A Quiz App, an Authenticator, the BCH-Based Browser Plugins

Developers from firms such as Viabtc, and students from Chongqing University, made up over 11 teams during the event. While detailing the platforms created by a few of the top teams who participated in the event, a BCH Geek attendee stated that the Hackathon completed in a satisfactory way, according to this on Reddit and reported by The teams Mempool, Viabtc, and Gon, in particular, were mentioned.

Based on bitcoin cash which integrates with the HTTP and status Code 402 protocol, Mempool built a URL-paying browser plug-in, according to the report. Synchronize across multiple devices, a BCH-based authenticator that can store data was designed by Viabtc developers. Authentication data can be restores easily as well as it does not need a server to operate. Token Dice is an application designed by another team named Gon, which is based on BCH, a decentralized on-chain 1v1 quiz application. In order to build the quiz platform, the token dice programmers used the OP code, “OP_DATASIGNVERIFY”. A password management software ( that is tethered to the BCH blockchain called “IF Password”, another application was featured.

Few Bitcoin cash-infused will be released into the wild shortly

The co-founder of Brikan, Edward Liu and the founder of were part of the speakers participating in the event, who discuss mainly concerning innovation created on top of the Bitcoin Cash network currently. Currently built platforms such as Memo, Blockpress, and Cointext that are providing the on-chain “killer apps” once herald a few years ago, were talked about by the industry luminaries. It is safe to say quite a few bitcoin cash-infused platforms demonstrated at the event I Hangzhou will be released into the wild shortly and the BCH Geek event ended with a great success.



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