Japanese I.T Giant Fujitsu Launches Blockchain Platform for Traders

On June 6, 2018, Japanese U.T. computing equipment giant Fujitsu revealed a new cloud-based Fujitsu Intelligent Society Solution Blockchain Asset Service.

Making the launch through an official announcement, the firm disclosed its intentions for the use of blockchain technology in retail sectors including digital points, stamps, and coupons geared towards tourist sites, markets, and shopping centers.

Customers using the service will be able to collect digital stamps by scanning QR codes in specific locations and exchange them for gain and coupons in certain shopping or retail stores.

The acquired information and usage data will be stored on Fujitsu’s hybrid blockchain. Furthermore, it will be connected with user information for use in similar analysis.

The company plans to link promotions and shopping events using its blockchain platform, which will enhance customer tread for partner brands.

According to the announcement:

“At the same time, they can also more effectively set strategies for regional revitalization, based on the activity patterns of users seen in the analysis results, and on such factors as the use of the coupons and other benefits.”

The service will be revealed on June 13, at the trade fair Interop Tokyo 2018.

Traders who use the service will be able to apply the platform to “connect” several events and promotions, and keep track of the distribution of digital stamps or coupons.

Fujitsu noted that the aim of the service is to help customers safely and effectively access the platform, despite their knowledge of blockchain systems.

As stated in the announcement, retail customers will have access to track user behavior via the linked digital information. Traditional systems, on the other hand, identify users based on sex and age, which does not provide sufficient information needed to track customer’s behavior.

Retail customers will be provided with various information by the Fujitsu system such as user interests and hopping activities, hence making it possible for them to have access to relevant tools for creating sales strategies.

The platform also makes it possible to “visualize the circulation of points and stamps and the usage status of coupons.”


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