‘Chinese Google’ Baidu to Release Interstellar Blockchain Game

Baidu is a Chinese multinational technology which was established on the 28th January 2000. They specialize in Internet-related services and products.

On Friday, 8th June, coindesk reported that Chinese search engine Baidu has made a blockchain-based game called “Du Yuzhou” (The Universe) where clients will get components to manufacture their own planets while utilizing blockchain features.

The site declares an “open blockchain interplanetary journey,” portraying the game as a supernatural world made up of a wide range of uncommon components with every client having an “extraordinary planet” that can be explored.

The site notes that every client will get 100 random elements in an airdrop when the game launches – the more elements a client has, the bigger the planet develops, in this way expanding its gravity and enabling it to get more elements that open “mysterious functions.”

Not long ago, Baidu reported the release of a blockchain protocol planned to decrease mining energy utilization called the “Super Chain.” In April, Baidu had just launched a blockchain-based image rights platform that deters the infringement of copyrighted pictures.

Blockchain-based games are not new to the crypto space. Ethereum’s CryptoKitties, a digital kitten collectibles game, made more than $12 mln in sales last December.


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