Man Goes All In On Crypto: Sleeping In His Car And Working Two Jobs

If you had one chance to have everything you ever wanted, would you let it slip or would you capture it? One man is so convinced that crypto is the future that he has given up his apartment and residing in his vehicle, at the same time investing every lose cent with regards to his crypto portfolio.

Bust or Crypto

Stories began to come into light with regards to men mortgaging their homes and going all in on crypto, since last year as crypto mania submerged. However, one man has forsaken his apartment in favor of living out of his car, indicating that it is just not homeowners that have given up everything in pursuit of crypto glory. Crypto has a tendency to attract extremist possessed with a fervent zeal, even though it is a life choice that even the most ardent of bitcoin maximalist would deem excessive.

Sharing his sleeping arrangement on 4chan’s biz message board, where crypto traders gather to shitpost and share portfolios are the Canadian man posting under the handle “livinginmycar”. His cause was supported by some while other spectators had a different opinion, stating “ How fucking retarded are you brainlet when you think that crypto will make you rich?… Money was made and you missed the train. Good luck waking up with 30 and being broke.” He also elaborated that he saves $800 per month in rent and puts it towards his crypto portfolio. The original poster who started the thread remains undaunted respectively.
Working in a Warehouse, Living in a Garage

Furthermore, he pays $40 CAD per month to park his car in his friend’s garage to sleep, according to Additionally, he hasn’t let go of all home comforts, finding space to fill in a memory foam mattress and comfy quilts, despite the cramped conditions. He can also take a shower at a friends house and “store some items” according to The unnamed Canadian is pinning his hopes on Collosusxt, Fund request, Policypal, and Dero for his crypto portfolio.

In a warehouse, during the day the man works as a forklift driver and he delivers food in the evening. He claims to try to eat healthy, despite his own meals coming in the form of takeaway. He first proposed his car living scheme, in which some biz posters who had cheered the guy in the original thread but they have since withdrawn their support following the coins he is converting. OP’ portfolio amounts to $6000 CAD but he expects to be including an additional $2,5000 on a monthly basis, as reported by

It was widely agreed that OP will have a memorable tale to tell years from now, despite spectators being divided on whether OP will make it in his quest to become crypto rich. Giving up your apartment and going all in on altcoins is about as perilous as it gets, which is a high-risk strategy move. OP will be able to look back and know that he gave it his all in his one shot for glory, win or lose.


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