“Dirty Tricks” Accusation Refuted By Bitmain

Bitmain Chinese behemoth has firmly rejected an accusation which implies that they are forcing an ASIC manufacturer from closing down a foreign rival. David Vorick, siacoin’s lead developer “lifted the lid on the cutthroat ASIC mining business,” according to NewsBitcoin.com and reported in a widely shared blog post. Bitmain praise Vorick’s input to the sector in response, however, took exclusion to one certain area in his article.

Response by Bitmain breaks the silence

Bitman is known to be a firm of “few words”, unlike the ASIC miners which are ruthless in expressing themselves, according to NewsBitcoin.com. It was provoking to make remarks, following a detail blog post written by David Vorick and posted in the past three days. The detailed write-up comprises numerous allegations ad revelation regarding the virtual currency business, and in particular Bitman’s role.

According to NewsBitcoin.com, “Bitmain plays dirty,” was heard by the Siacoin’s lead developer. Bitmain would use its power to terminate other ASIC firms from producing in China, Vorick was alleged to have emphasized. The Chinese manufacturer backed out suddenly in a move that reportedly cost Obelisk $2 million, despite going to great pains to conceal Obelisk’s involvement in such a deal. According to NewBitcoin.com, “There is no proof that the manufacturer was leaned on by Bitmain, but David Vorick leaves no doubt as to where his suspicions lie.”


Bitmain made a response to the details of the write-up, emphasizing that “Considering the truly vast number and diversity of suppliers in China, it’s difficult to consider that Bitmain could possibly exert such powerful control over a competitor’s supply chain to the degree the article suggests.” Interestingly, Bitmain doesn’t outright deny the allegation, focusing instead on the fact that “six percent of [Vorick’s] total article” is taken up with exploring these supposed dirty tricks.”

One of the Industry’s most furtive organizations spared some few words

According to NewsBitcoin.com, David Vorick’s blog post “was a 5,300- word tour de force.” The report of Bitmain in contrast amount to just 380 words, which offered sufficient space to reject accusations of “dirty tricks” and the concept that “Bitmain floods the market with its mining rigs.” It’s somehow mysterious that the mining company should decide to take note of this reason, due to the fact that he did not allege the firm flooding the industry with rigs per se. Although, he accused the firm of different other “underhand tactics”, the likes of self-mining with own units and further exporting them when they do not produce profits, however, Bitmain does not make note of this per se.

It is extremely difficult to prove his audacious claim, as David Vorick acknowledged in his blog. There would be no paper trail if a large ASIC manufacturer was to conspire with a domestic supplier to thwart a rival. This would further lead to viewers speculating as to which particular entity is speaking the truth, either Bitmain or Siacoin and Obelisk developer David Vorick.


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