UNICEF Launches New Program to Help Raise Funds for Syrian Kids

Ever since the introduction of the premier cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, digital currencies are revolutionizing modern finance but their implications extend to other spheres of life as well.

For example, a new United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) project is harnessing the power of the blockchain to generate new funds for its humanitarian activities.

On Friday, February 2nd, 2018, UNICEF embarked on a new fundraising program intended help gather funds for the protection of Syrian children. The program dubbed Gamer Chainger uses cryptocurrency mining to raise funds without compelling donors to part with cash in their wallets.

UNICEF has downloadable mining software on its site that users can easily install on their devices. While using the software, the mining proceeds go towards the safety and protection to Syrian kids. Millions of children are in harm’s way in that war ravaged Middle Eastern country. So far 249 people have signed up for the program.

UNICEF’s innovative approach is meant to circumvent the donor fatigue among the usual givers. This tech savvy approach is appealing to a different demographic, especially the young and tech savvy, to help with the protection of vulnerable children.

UNICEF offer users the opportunity to channel the rewards from their mining activities to a worthy cause for the benefit of humanity. Every crypto savvy individual now has the chance to make a huge difference by sending funds to the UNICEF wallet.

Industry watchers agree that UNICEF is changing the fundraising game all together. Just few months ago, hardly would anyone have thought of using cryptocurrency mining to help those trapped in a vicious cycle of war.

With the high tech innovative approach from UNICEF, one can now mine for cryptocurrencies in a gaming setting thus helping others while having fun too.

UNICEF is counting on the goodness of humanity. It hopes that gamers will turn their gaming sessions into powerful crypto mining events to raise funds for the very many millions of children trapped in a senseless war that they know nothing about.


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