For Transactions Over Mesh Networks, Samourai Wallet Creates App

Setting up mesh networks is a possible solution when you are talking about trying to overcome restrictions from ISP when sending transactions or not being able to send transaction due to a disaster bringing down the needed infrastructure. In addition to the above, setting up mesh networks with a decentralized control hub which can self-organize may be the ultimate solution.

Making transactions over mesh networks

Gotenna, a Brooklyn-based startup that designs technologies for off-grid and decentralized communications have partnered with the developers of the privacy-centric wallet Samourai. A solution for making transactions over mesh networks was jointly formed by these two teams. The purpose of the Txtenna app is to provide a more decentralized, resilient and censorship network, for instances when the internet cannot be accessed.

When using the app, a transaction will start with the client establishing a standard offline transaction and by utilizing the Samourai Wallet signing it. The transaction is then passed from the wallet to Txtenna, which transmissions it to mesh nodes nearby through a Gotenna mesh device. In the area, similar devices transmit the transaction until nodes which are connected to the internet receive the transaction and broadcast it to the network. Gotenna mesh is basic, inexpensive, protected and robust solution, according to its developers, however before this could work, you will obviously require to have access to one of their physical devices.

Pony Direct and being off the grid

Gotenna’s decentralized applications engineer, Richard Myers detailed that the bitcoin peer-to-peer network depends strongly on ISPs for connection to the internet as of now. He further stated that these firms have a history of pushing commercial interests “above net neutrality” such as they did in 2007/2008 in which Comcast anonymously regulated Bittrorrent traffic. During natural and man-made disasters, these systems are fragile due to them being centralized.

The Samourai team are currently building other alternatives to enable users to transact when the internet is down and not hanging on Mesh networking as the only solution. They have announced the launching of a new app called Pony Direct back in January, which is a payment option (or act as a relay) to transmit bitcoin through short message service (SMS) texts respectively.


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