Venezuelan Crypto Fan Purchase 102 Kilos Of Food from NANO Donations Despite Hyperinflation

Thanks to the cryptocurrency community, a Venezuelan crypto fan recently purchased more than 100 kilos of food for his family and community, after he received dozens of NANO donations from Reddit users.

According to a post that began more than a week ago, Reddit user Windows7733 disclosed a 0.5 NANO ($ 1.32) donation he received was approximately valued about one month’s salary in Venezuela. Commenting on the post, several Redditors noted sending more donations to help him out further.

User Windows7733 recently stated another post improving the community on the results and confirmed he was able to buy 102 kilos of food using 29.1 NANO, thanks to the NANO community.

The post states:

“I feel extremely happy because today I was able to convince someone who I trust to accept NANO (he was already accepting bitcoin cash) in exchange for food. He sold me 102 kilograms (224 lb) of food, including cornmeal, meat, rice, sugar, beans, sauces, and avocados. I’m still waiting to see if I will be able to buy powdered milk and cooking oil from this same guy.”

Other Venezuelan Reddit uses also commented on Windows7733’s posts saying that the country’s situation makes it difficult for them to use cryptocurrencies aside from bitcoin, as it is difficult to find someone ready to buy NANO there.

Different cryptocurrency-based charities have been aiding people in countries like Venezuela survive by offering enough funds for basic needs such as food. A prominent organization supporting those in Venezuela, eatBCH, sees donors use Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to buy supplies.

For the time being, the Venezuelan government has been concentrating on its oil-backed cryptocurrency, the Petro,  As reported, according to the country’s president Nicolas Maduro the cryptocurrency’s pre-sale raked in $5 billion.

According to the century-old expert Brookings, the money is possibly not going to be used to help Venezuelan people, as it was a way for the government to avoid international regulations and acquire foreign capital. The Petro, according to the expert, weakens legitimate cryptocurrencies.


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