Winner of NASA’s Aeronautic Challenge to Join Keplertek’s Promising Project

Behind each awesome thought, there must be an astounding group to acknowledge it. With Keplertek, this is absolutely the case.

Kepler Technologies is situated in Tbilisi, Georgia and has a group of more than 50 committed representatives in its recently manufactured and present-day office endeavoring to guarantee Keplertek’s prosperity. With more than 100 more individuals working from abroad and in Research and Development, the phase for Kepler’s ascent is set.

The freshest expansion to Kepler’s creative group is Giorgi Mtchedlishvili. Giorgi examined Operations Research at Columbia University’s Engineering School and picked up notoriety by co-driving a building group that achieved in front of the rest of the competition in NASA’s Aeronautic Challenge — without precedent for Columbia’s history. This was accomplished following nine months of taking a shot at a cutting-edge business transport plane for the future, demonstrating that Keplertek is planning to associate the smartest personalities so as to make something unique that will change our future for eternity.

Giorgi Mtchedlishvili

Boston College’s Carroll School of Management discharged an examination called “Digital Tulips” which inspected more than 4000 ICOs and found genuine underpricing in many of them. Normal returns of 179 percent from the ICO cost to the primary day’s opening market cost are the standard, and this normally incorporates the incalculable fake and vindictive projects in the space. Simply consider what Keplertek, the most fascinating and skilled undertaking right now, can accomplish!

Keplertek welcomes financial specialists from all around the world (counting China and the US) to enlist and finish KYC confirmation keeping in mind the end goal to take part in this exceedingly foreseen ICO! Try not to pass up a major opportunity for an incredible financial opportunity and endure another “consider the possibility that” minute — influence a progressive investment into a boundless future now and furthermore to add to humankind’s mechanical advance.


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