Accenture Targets Enterprise Blockchain Interoperability With Fresh Tool

Accenture, a global management consultancy firm revealed a new blockchain tool in a press release October 22nd. This is the second this month focusing on interoperability.

After announcing a supply chain collaboration with Thailand’s Siam commercial bank, Accenture said its latest offering facilitated existing enterprise blockchain networks to integrate each other.

Particularly blockchain platform, Digital Asset can now operate in tandem with R3’s Corda platform while Hyperledger Fabric and JPMorgan’s Quorum form another interoperable set.

Talking about the two separate solutions, which the company has already tested, managing director and global blockchain lead David Treat characterized them as ”Game Changer”.

“The key challenge was to develop the ability to integrate without introducing ‘operational messaging’ between distributed ledger technology platforms in order to stay true to the principles and benefits of blockchain technology,” he commented, proceeding that:

“Applying this capability with our clients is already unlocking new opportunities to bring ecosystems together, mitigating key concerns about picking the ‘wrong’ platform or having to re-build if one partner uses something different.”

All the blockchain platforms keep on seeing success in enterprise uptake worldwide, making their way into networks throughout different areas of the global economy.

Accenture opted for a singles system for its most recent deal in Thailand using Corda as a basis for its so-called procure to pay product.

”We have said right from the beginning that interoperability is key to avoiding the trapped assets and silos of the past,” R3’s CTO Richard Gendal Brown added in this week’s press release.


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