With Tron Mainnet Launch, Bug Bounty Program Goes Live

Tron formally launched its eagerly awaited MainNet while its CEO and founder Justin Sun live streamed the whole occasion.


Sun declared the launch with:


“Fellow Tronix, the time has finally come – May 31st Tron Main Net launched.”


Additionally expressing:


“Today with confidence I announce that the development of Tron’s main net Odyssey 2.0 is complete and all the materials are submitted to GitHub.”


With this launch, Tron has turned into an independent token which has relocated from Ethereum blockchain to its own one of a kind. However, this isn’t all, in the wake of rising assaults on the different digital currencies networks, Tron ran with a preemptive approach here.


Justin Sun reported a Tron Bug Bounty program that offers the reward of significant worth going from $100 to $100,000. Any individual who finds any loopholes or bugs in the new MainNet of Tron that is presently accessible for download on GitHub, gets the claim this reward.


The time frame set to discover the bugs has been set before the launch of Genesis block on June 25 i.e. from June 1 to June 24. Though given the way that a bug could be tiny and ineffective or to a great degree detrimental to a code, the reward range has been provided.


Given the way Verge experienced 2 assaults and just before the MainNet launch of EOS, high-risk security vulnerabilities have been found in its network alongside Bitcoin Gold’s ongoing 51% assault, the endeavors made by Tron Foundation and Justin Sun are excellent.


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