India State Kerala to Use Blockchain to Record Milk and Fish Supply Chains

The India State of Kerala, a state in South India, is adopting blockchain technology to record the supply chain process of dairy products.

The new project is expected to update the supply chain networks such as the distribution of milk, vegetables, and fish with the use of blockchain technology. The Kerala Development and Innovation Strategic Council (k-DISC), the state’s experts will oversee the project that will also encompass RFID tags and the use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices to track transportation.

K-DISC chairman K M Abraham noted that with the use of blockchain technology in the dairy sector, it will make it possible for continual monitoring of production, procurement, and distribution of milk to guarantee efficient delivery to many people on a regular basis. Furthermore, blockchain will also monitor the transportation of milk within specific temperatures in refrigerated trucks.

Each component of the supply chain network will have an individual ID that will be monitored on the blockchain, enabling real-time tracking of the quality of the product at its source at every level of the chain.

The Kerala government also plans to use the blockchain technology for its crop insurance project for farmers. The whole process will be ‘smarter and fool-proof’ to ensure faster processing and settlement of farmers claims as a result of crop losses from natural disasters such as flood and famine.

According to experts, blockchain technology will help to determine the actual causes of crop losses and will solve the issues between insurance providers and farmers and also get rid of middlemen once and for all.


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