US Senate Candidate Austin Petersen Discusses Crypto

The chase for Senate is mostly the same. There are a few candidates, some routine talks, a few surprising accusations, and enough slandering. On rare instances, a twist is introduced that changes the whole election. This year, Austin Petersen is that twist.

Putting aside political views, Petersen seems to represent the libertarian spirit signified by the more revolutionary members of the cryptocurrency community.

Petersen is an impressive person. If you search for him on Google for the first time, you will see him holding a gun with a smirk on his face.  He has an unusual career, to point out. He has been a model, producer, and consultant even featuring on SNL briefly. He spent most of his non-political career in journalism. Presently, he operates The Libertarian Republic and Liberty Viral news sites. In the 2016 Presidential Election, he unsuccessfully went for the Libertarian party nomination against former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson.  Presently, he is going in for a Senate seat in Missouri and has been making headlines.

During the course of the year, it was reported that Mr. Petersen received 24 Bitcoins. In actual fact, he really had to return a quarter of a million dollar donation twice for going above the Federal Election Commission limit. After getting so much support from crypto users, it was curios to find out about his opinion regarding crypto regulations and if he might have even thought of the possibility of crypto as a replacement to fiat currencies.

Mr. Petersen’s opinion of monetary policy is quite libertarian and very similar to that of the Austrian School of Economics. He accepts that Americans should accept an economic model without a central bank.

Another curios thing about Petersen is the recognition he received in connection with his restriction from Facebook. Mr. Petersen has been restricted from Facebook for the second time after giving away an AR-15 style rifle.

Even though Petersen is not in favor of regulating Facebook because it will affect the free market, he noted that he assumed decentralized social networks were a definite possible rival for Facebook, particularly as it remains to censor the rights.


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