Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Will Disrupt the Banking System Says Influential Political Strategist Stephen K. Bannon

For many, Bannon was a noteworthy performing artist in planning the 2016 U.S. presidential races. Along these lines, he was the White House Chief Strategist for the initial seven months of President Donald Trump’s organization.

Other than his involvement in the political field, Bannon is also experienced in the banking business. Truth be told, he was an investment investor and after that a VP at Goldman Sachs.

Bannon was also the official director of Breitbart News Network, which is a far-right syndicated news, editorial and sentiment website.

Presently, Bannon is extending his enthusiasm for Bitcoin. The New York Times composes:
“Stephen K. Bannon, 10 months removed from the job of chief strategist to President Trump and five months after his ouster from the arch-conservative news site Breitbart News, is betting that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can disrupt banking the way Mr. Trump disrupted American politics”.

Purportedly, Bannon as of now has spread out plans with respect to cryptocurrencies, which he is in the beginning times of executing. Subtle elements of his designs are up ’til now obscure. In such manner, The New York Times reports that he wouldn’t like to uncover his designs since “he stresses that the debate that accompanies his name could badly affect projects simply getting off the ground.” The Republican includes:
“But he has had private meetings with cryptocurrency investors and hedge funds where he has discussed working on so-called initial coin offerings through his investment business, Bannon & Company. And in his first interview on the topic, he said he had a ‘good stake’ in Bitcoin.”

Bannon’s vision of cryptocurrencies does exclude a political segment. Now, as per The New York Times, Bannon needs to encourage business people and even nations wishing to make their own cryptocurrencies.

Bannon keeps on being powerful in conservative quarters not just in the U.S. yet in addition in Europe. As of late, he has been currently working in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Italy. As The Atlantic put it, “Steve Bannon has been visiting Europe in a whirlwind of alt-right evangelism.”

Bannon is without a doubt a trailblazer of conservative America, and his impact is also being felt abroad, particularly in Europe. Henceforth, his perspectives and activities versus Bitcoin may have a critical effect in the crypto space.


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