Keplertek: Preparing for One Final Round of Pre-ICO Sale

Keplertek chose to hold one last period of its Pre-ICO — to be specific, its Extra Sale, which will begin on June nineteenth (8 PM UCT+4) and last until June 21st, 2018 (8 PM UCT+4). In those 48 hours, financial specialists from all around the globe (counting the US and China) can exploit the colossal 30 percent reward on all buys for one final time, and add to the formation without bounds!

Keplertek is an extremely encouraging and aggressive start-up that has so far possessed the capacity to offer out all tokens accessible amid the Community Building Stage and Pre-Sale. The delicate top of 10 million USD isn’t far away and Keplertek is right now working hard to guarantee that the hard top of 62.5 million is well inside its sights too — opening up endless conceivable outcomes for Keplertek and its reality evolving thoughts.

The Extra Sale will be your last opportunity to get required with the greatest and most energizing introductory coin offering in the space until the official dispatch of ICO. The deal is being directed in 4 unique stages. First and foremost, there is a 20 percent reward on all buys that inevitably declines to 10 percent, 5 percent, and 0 percent. However, you can simply pick up an additional 5 percent reward through the offshoot program by imparting Keplertek to your companions, family, and partners.

For financial specialists who anticipate truly utilizing the 30 percent reward to its fullest degree, it is also conceivable to stack up much further! Taking a huge position in KEP currently not just makes it conceivable to boost benefits from the Pre-ICO reward yet, in addition, be to compensate you for your trust and capacity to envision a future described by mankind’s everlasting progress toward advancement.

All you have to do with a specific end goal to get some KEP on June 19th is to finished KYC on Keplertek’s website — now also reachable through their new .io space. Continuously look out for phishing destinations and con artists.

Keplertek’s people group is developing quickly and has created a considerable measure of promotion, potential financial specialists are being focused by fraudsters via web-based networking media. Administrators will never message you to start with, yet are constantly happy to help and answer questions.

Join the most fascinating undertaking and help mankind proceed onward to greater things. Help plan the innovation of tomorrow while ensuring you help yourself as well. Prepare for Extra Sale and to make a progressive investment in a boundless future at this point!


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