World’s First Chinese Blockchain ETF Launched by Reality Shares

Asset management firm Reality Shares in a move to take advantage of China’s advancement in the cryptocurrency space has launched the first-ever blockchain ETF for the country. The company expresses that their goal is to “democratize the world’s best investing ideas.”

The Reality Shares Nasdaq NextGen Economy China ETF (Nasdaq: BCNA) in a new release on June 20th will concentrate on Chinese firms dedicated to “developing, researching, supporting, or utilizing blockchain.” Investors have the choice to either discuss with a financial advisor regarding the addition of the ETF to an account or invest directly on Reality Shares’ trading platform.

Businesses are rated based on seven primary factors, such as their role in the blockchain ecosystem, membership in the Blockchain Institute, and blockchain product stage. Businesses are required to have high scores on these characteristics to qualify for BCNA. Reality Shares notes their strategy is based on several quantitative factors and is built to “pinpoint and evaluate the highest-scoring companies” in the blockchain space.

BCNA consist of 31 constituents and is presently planning to rebalance semi-annually. Eric Ervin Reality Shares CEO notes it provides investors the chance to easily access the emerging blockchain market in China.

He went on to add that the Asian nation is “quickly becoming a global epicenter for blockchain innovation” and believes its blockchain industry “presents an incredibly exciting and long-term investment opportunity.”

The company hopes BCNA remains to take advantage of the overall progress of the Chinese economy. The highlighted how the country has various features that will catch the attention of investors.

Reality Shares came into the blockchain ecosystem in January following the launching of its ETF for investors interested in firms that are developing and implementing blockchain.

The Reality Shares Nasdaq NextGen Economy ETF (Nasdaq BLCN) is “comprised of companies committing material resources to developing, researching, supporting, innovating or utilizing blockchain technology for their proprietary use or for use by others.” As of now, BCNA acts as a compliment to BLCN.


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