ICO Aftermarket Launched By Vertex

People across the world all have different reactions when it comes to ICOs. In 2017, there was a great ICO fad in which projects with little more than a concept on a white paper got millions in funding. After then, a lot of people across the people were left with some sort of bad taste in the mouth as per the new crowdfunding system. There was a situation in which the funds were wasted. This situation was caused by a lack of investor discipline and excess advertising, on one hand, then a tendency to over-promise and under-deliver on the other hand. You could now observe a vacuum in the market, which Vertex wants to fill: hence the concept of the first ICO aftermarket.

The concept is quite easy to understand. It is based on a platform that will help inspect and regulate the number of projects that are not viable and discard scams outright so as to avoid misunderstandings on every side of the market.

Vertex will be that platform. It is going to build on its extreme vetting mechanism to set up a fully functional ICO aftermarket. Here is the principle:

A team made of world-renowned investors, international business leaders and venture capitalists, will inspect projects based on a carefully arranged methodology and their experience.

After the inspection, just about 3% of the projects are to be eligible for funding.

Vertex now decides which of the projects is taken.

The tokens acquired by Vertex are going to be sold through its platform, which is the linchpin of the Vertex ICO aftermarket.

On this platform, users will be able to acquire tokens from inspected projects. By so doing, they also have access to the analysis done by Vertex experts on each project.

All users have equal chances of buying any token sold on the platform. Vertex makes sure there is no artificial drought.

Users have to use the VTEX token in order to purchase ICO tokens on the Vertex platform. Vertex will use VTEX to purchase some of the tokens from vetted ICOs. The VTEX token will build this ecosystem, that will connect ICOs and users through the Vertex vetting system and its platform. Everyone hence has access to all benefits.


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