High Growth Rate In DECOIN.IO

June appears to be the best month ever in the crypto sphere. There has been a spike an astounding increment in the interest inventors give ICO. They consider it a real potential value.

DECOIN is an emerging blockchain-based trading and exchange platform that offers redistributed revenues to coin holders. DECOIN has its target as far as fundraising is concerned.

Shay Perry, CEO of DECOIN said, “We are excited about reaching the soft cap of $4,000,000.” “The support of the community has been fantastic and we will soon announce further developments in the project.”

DECOIN has brought some innovations into the crypto community by developing an exchange that offers practical unity to its users. The company’s blockchain is based on a proof-of-stake (PoS) algorithm. This type of algorithm encourages user loyalty by enabling him a 6.2% Staking rewards. The company’s global operation has a multi-lingual support system across international offices.

The company is planning to develop its Trading and Exchange Platform (“DTEP”) and to launch within 6 months. This launching period coincides with the company’s receipt of licensing from the Monetarian Authority of Singapore. In this manner, DTEP will be operating under a regulated license.

DECOIN is equally in the process of developing its Crypto Index (“DCI”). The team of analysts is researching and analyzing new projects that might be included in the indexes. All projects will be examined before they are being approved and included in the DCI.

So far, DECOIN has done extremely good; and according to the company, this is just the beginning of something greater.

Perry said, “We reached the funding goals in the first stage, from the number of users we were hoping to see contribute to the project at this stage”. “There are international global funds that are interested in investing in DECOIN. We are thrilled about this first successful step and enthusiastic and confident about the roadmap still ahead of us.”


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