California Assembly Member Launched Bill To Recognize Blockchain

The bill on electronic records would progress blockchain use for smart contracts and electronic signatures in the state. Assembly-member Ian Calderon (D-Calif.), the maiden millennial elected to the state’s legislature at 27 years of age (he’s currently in his mid-30s), launched California Assembly Bill 2658 lately to update a current law to include blockchain innovation for electronic signatures and smart contracts.

California is changing into a blockchain-friendly spot together with different states in the district, including Arizona and Wyoming, for example. In any case, California could set a precedent, considering the state’s populace of 39 million is one-eighth of the whole United States, also the state’s $2.3 trillion economy, whose size adversaries that of the whole UK region.

The new bill, which builds on the current law called the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, paves the way for an electronic record or signature secured by the blockchain to be considered legitimate and enforceable. Key revisions in the most recent version incorporate –

  • the definition of “electronic” record and “electronic signature” would be expanded to encompass those secured via the blockchain
  • the legal definition of “contract” would be expanded to encompass a smart contract
  • data ownership/use would extend to someone performing interstate or foreign commerce on the blockchain in California “with respect to that information as before the person secured the information using blockchain technology,” as per the bill

Somewhere else in the state, local governments are correspondingly looking to the blockchain for more noteworthy effectiveness. Berkeley, Calif. has cooperated with tech startup Neighborly to launch blockchain-fueled muni-bonds in an ICO to raise money for housing and different projects.

In the meantime, Democrat Brian Forde, a previous MIT cryptocurrency executive, is running for Congress in Orange County, Calif. where the likes of Amazon and Google have set up shop. He is picking up the help of some blockchain veterans as a result of his insight in digital currencies. For example, the following investors have donated the most astounding sum permitted by the government of $2,700 to Forde’s campaign, as per Bloomberg BusinessWeek.


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