Bitminer Factory To Make Blockchain Sustainable Through Renewable Energy In Crypto-Mining

Digital currency mining has been incurring significant toll on the resources of the world. Researchers and specialists have been debating about the natural dangers of the mining. With the target to utilize renewable energy, Bitminer Factory is coming up with a mining operation.


The thought is to make blockchain sustainable that as of now have the electrical framework of 1.2MW, 800 P8 mining machines, and 200 ASIC machines. It is a main digital currency mining operation that is overseen by a group of clean energy and mining specialists.


In simple words, the team illuminates it as


“Bitminer Factory is feeding the Blockchain Revolution, a disruption that is consuming as much electricity as countries like Peru, Israel or Portugal do, with Renewable Energy projects. Bitminer Factory is making the Blockchain sustainable by co-locating Mining Operations with Renewable Energy projects.”


The founders of Florence-based Bitminer Factory, Gabriele Angeli, and Gabriele Stampa are wanting to cut a specialty in the crypto mining space. Italy’s biggest crypto mining host, this startup is from Angeli’s Group which have been in energy producers makers and constructors for as far back as 50 years. The pre-ICO has just been begun with 18 percent discount while the ICO began on July 21.


With ICO, the company is stepping forward where it enables individuals to wind up a piece of this venture by buying the tokens.


The three key mainstays of this project are front-line mining hardware as specially crafted GPU and ASIC miners and low-cost renewable energy which is self-generated and obtained through power buying agreements. The third pillar is its very experienced team that as of now has more than 1000 mining rigs assembled and working alongside in excess of 1000 MWp renewable plants developed and installed.




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