A Pro-Crypto Gamer Has Free Bitcoin On No Man’s Sky

Want to find some free bitcoin? Well, a couple of planets on the No Man’s Sky action survival game are hiding 0.004 Bitcoin. Players can own the bitcoin if they are able to find the matching communication stations in the game.

Jon Creasy, a crypto fan, and investment adviser states there will be additional bitcoin coming soon. Notably, he expects that his fellow gaming fans mirror his move and provide cryptocurrency rewards. He believes gamers could boost mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

Creasy might have something up his sleeves, being that gaming has been one major industry to actively adopt cryptocurrency.

But additional pro-crypto gaming fans need to join the initiative. When Twitter users were questioned what use case will see cryptocurrency gain over 10 million daily users, gaming and collectibles fell third behind remittances and P2P payment and gambling and the prediction market.

Creasy who did not hold back to explain the adventurous nature of the gamers, has created a subreddit for those who wish to li k with other bitcoin bounty hunters. He expects to convince gamers and crypto fans to follow his footsteps. He explained that the gaming industry could become established on cryptocurrency.


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