Blockchain Platform to Help Students Pass Exams Launched

We all know that learning is not quite easy as ABC. There can be several factors that may disadvantage some people’s quest to getting the quality education needed to get ahead in life after school.  If you’ve ever worried about how to maximize your own learning potentials or those of your children, then worry no more.

Thanks to Õpet, a new platform powered by blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI), all students now have a level playing field when it comes to accessing educational opportunities.

According to the creators of the technology, their intention is to address the “confusion and apprehension teenagers face when they finish high school and simultaneously offer smart revision tools that will help these students get the best grades possible in crucial exams, resulting in a wider range of options when they are contemplating their first steps.”

The owners of Õpet say that the platform is an educational Chabot that will be made available to students with a “customized learning experience” especially during national examinations such as the UK based GCSE A-level exams taken by students from the ages of 16 to 18.

Õpet is created using AI and machine learning technologies and it is designed to give individualized support to meet the personal learning needs of students using the platform. The creators behind the tech are optimistic that it can drastically reduce learning costs while also offering effective revision techniques to students thereby making it much easier to pass exams. The platform intends to assist students from poor backgrounds to access the same benefits enjoyed by those from richer backgrounds.

According to Cointelegraph, the technology includes a “tamper-free and accurate” feature that allow students to save their school records in a database that will become handy when they want to transition to college and university, especially as it removes the need for the submission of student records either by post or online.


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