Blockchain ETF Provide To Launch Crypto Hedger Fund

Reality Shares, an asset management firm based in California plans to launch a $100 million multi-strategy crypto hedge fund.

According to reports, the crypto fund will be “a mix of arbitrage, venture, and directional strategies.” Reality Shares presently has $25 million for the fund.

Back in June, the company was the first to launch the first ever Chinese blockchain based exchange-traded fund (ETF). The Reality Shares Nasdaq NextGen Economy ETF (BCLN) prioritizes investing in global blockchain companies while Reality Shares Nasdaq NexGen Economy China ETF (BCNA) supports blockchain firms based in China.

Crypto Fund Research states that a total of 466 funds presently exist in the cryptocurrency industry. Eighty-eight of these funds were unveiled prior to 2014, 32 funds in 2014, 30 funds in 2015, 42 funds in 2016 and 156 funds in 2017. Presently, 96 crypto funds have been unveiled this year, but it is expected that there will be additional 165 funds by the end of the year.

Reality Shares is part of the other 75 crypto funds that are capped between $5 million to $100 million.

Line Corporation recently announced that the company’s subsidiary Unblock Ventures is introducing a $10 million crypto fund.


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