Ethereum Classic Price Rises Prior To Listing

The cryptocurrency Ethereum Classic went steps ahead of the market in the recent hours as it increased an additionally 15 percent in addition to Wednesday’s 20 percent increase and is presently trading at around $13.80 on Bitfinex.

The increase comes after Coinbase’s announcement on Twitter that ETC would be available for purchase and trading on the platform come Thursday.

Earlier this month, Ethereum Classic was at a two-month high of $18.50 similar to the levels it had on 7 July after the Coinbase announcement made additional rounds. The listing on Robinhood also boosted ETC’s price.

Ethereum Classic also increased in price prior to claims that it would be listed on Coinbase. This comes couples of weeks ago on June 21st when Coinbase revealed that will it shortly be listing the currency and that resulted in a rush of buying which had an effect in boosting the price. Notably, throughout mid-June, ETC’s price changes from a high of around $19.80 to around $17. But, it was also affected by the recent crypto decline and had dropped to a 2018 low of $11.


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