Owner Roger Ver Eyes ICO As Token Issuance Protocol Comes To Bitcoin Cash

CEO of Roger Ver has implied his publication may release an ICO as he revealed another tool enabling developers to issue tokens on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain in a video August 11.
Together with one of’s head developers Corbin Fraser, Ver implied in the video at that the appearance of the Wormhole Cash protocol, which enables token creation on Bitcoin Cash, would manage the cost of new potential outcomes.

“For better or worse, ICOs and CryptoKitties are probably coming to Bitcoin Cash in the near future,” Fraser had said, to which Ver responded:

“They’re probably coming to, too. We’ve been thinking about having our own ICO for maybe the games part of the platform; maybe we’ll issue a token and pay dividends or use part of the money… to buy back the tokens on the open market.”

The Wormhole launch comes as cryptocurrency mining activity Bitmain, which together with shapes Bitcoin Cash’s major proponent base, hits the headlines over its intends to hold an initial public offering(IPO).

As numerous analysts report, the plan could help reduce a portion of the speculated income challenges, which stripped itself of Bitcoin (BTC) for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) tokens a year ago.
The move seemed to have been terrible for Bitmain, a pre-IPO filing recommending the organization had drained funds as BCH crumpled in an value through 2018.

“According to the Bitmain pre-IPO investor deck, they sold most of their [Bitcoin] for [Bitcoin Cash]. At $900/BCH, they’ve bled half a billion in the last 3 months,” Blockstream CSO Samson Mow deduced in Twitter comments August 11.


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