Avoid Cryptocurrency Activities: Warns Vietnam’s Securities Regulator

Vietnam’s securities regulators have cautioned industry companies and finances in the nation to keep away from activities identified with cryptocurrencies.

In a declaration this week, Viet Nam News revealed Wednesday, the State Securities Commission (SSC) said firms ought to keep away from issuance, transactions or brokerage of cryptos, including that they should observe laws on money laundering.

The notice identifies with an April 2018 Prime Minister’s Directive on fortifying the management of activities that are associated with cryptocurrencies. Vietnam restricted the utilization of cryptos in payments in October 2017, as CoinDesk reported that in spite of recommendations earlier that year that the prime minister may legitimately accept bitcoin for that reason.

Back in April, the nation’s central bank, the State Bank of Vietnam also restricted commercial banks and payments service providers from making exchanges with cryptocurrency, contending that such initiatives could build the danger of money laundering, terrorism, and tax evasion, Viet Nam News states.

In a further move expected to confine crypto activities in the nation, the central bank a week ago supported a move to obstruct at least for a time being, the import of mining gadgets into the nation.

The suspension was at first proposed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in June, which argued that, since cryptocurrency miners are not on the list of banned imports, it has turned out to be troublesome for local authorities to implement current limitations on cryptocurrency.


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