IBM Enters Into Decentralized Yellow Pages For Blockchain Projects

IBM has joined a decentralized cross-blockchain registry activity which it states is a Yellow Pages simple for blockchain projects, as indicated by a declaration September 13.

The activity called Unbounded Registry will be driven by blockchain startup HACERA, and is intended to give “a decentralized means to register, look up, join and transact across a variety of blockchain solutions, built to interoperate with all of today’s distributed ledger technologies.”

The project will purportedly address real issues in the field, including saved naming for blockchain projects, the discoverability of blockchain systems and applications, and a list of domain-specific functions and services.
Different individuals from the registry incorporate Intel, Chinese tech giant Huawei, Batavia, Hitachi, and the Australian Blockchain Association.

IBM is known for its receptiveness to the examination and use of blockchain technology across over different fields. Prior this month, the tech giant uncovered a Stellar-based “near-real-time” blockchain payment network called Blockchain World Wire (BWW). The solution is produced to encourage worldwide settlements between banks.
In August, IBM and Danish transport and logistics company Maersk together released their worldwide blockchain-empowered shipping solution. The platform is purportedly ready to track basic information about every shipment in a supply chain continuously, creating a dispersed, permanent record on the fly.

In June, IBM iX, the business and tech counseling wing of IBM, in association with software supplier Mediaocean, launched a blockchain-fueled tracker for digital media exchanges to “clean things up” in the media buying industry.


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