Censorship-Resistant File Storage System Launched By Bitcoinfiles.com

James Cramer, Attila Aros and ‘Hapticpilot’, all developers of Bitcoin Cash, have announced that they will be launching a working product called Bitcoinfiles.com. this product is a platform where people are allowed to upload and download files attached to the BCH blockchain. The files currently allowed have to be small and the service only gives room for 5kb or less per upload. So as to process a BCH file upload, the programmers have added a $0.25 fee. The download of a file is absolutely free and you can share the file’s URL at liberty.

If you are familiar with the way a BCH wallet runs and the uploading process of files to hosting sites, then you won’t have any issue experimenting with Bitcoinfiles.com. Users are just to press the upload button and select files less than 5kb from their operating systems. To test the system, news.Bitcoin.com copied and pasted the whole text from Timothy May’s Crypto Anarchist Manifesto text into a rich text file (rtf); the file was roughly 4kb in size at the end.

The user has to accept a disclaimer that states that Bitcoinfiles.com is not responsible for illicit behavior, after pressing the upload button and choosing a file. Only after doing that can you pay for the file upload ($0.25 + network fee). You can do that by either using the Money button or using a QR code and the text from a traditional address.

On completion of that step, the QR code will be scanned and you can pay the fee. Almost immediately after the invoice is paid, the platform will show the file being uploaded. The upload usually takes about a minute and the Bitcoin Files application disperse a BCH blockchain URL at the end. The uploads can be viewed as well on the website’s file explorer powered by Bitdb 2.0.

The platform gives room for anyone to create an uncensorable file. There is no registration or identification required, and files can be uploaded by anonymous whistleblowers, journalists, or anyone wanting to save files in a different way.


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