Erik Voorhees Find Support From Joseph Young

While Erik fights his combat to prove the article’s story wrong, he has discovered the help of Joseph Young who answered to Erik tweet saying that such articles aren’t generally about money laundering yet really are tied in with pushing a narrative that crypto is criminal money.

He likewise indicates how banks launder money yet none of the media talks about it as they talk about Bitcoin and Cryptos. While clarifying how media is one-sided, he focuses at a bank in Denmark that has been discovered guilty of laundering USD 230 billion. The reference is towards Danske Bank, Denmark’s biggest bank, which said that more than $230 billion in the suspected money laundering transactions moved through its small Estonian branch, a disclosure joined by the resignation of the bank’s CEO.

What Erik and Joseph are putting forward is that frauds and money laundering are all over the place, be it centralized and federally managed banks or currencies, however, featuring just digital currencies as the guilty party is something that isn’t right. One needs to comprehend that times are changing and digital currencies can possibly do significantly more than laundering money.



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