Investigation By WSJ Discovers $88 Million Laundered Through 46 Crypto Exchanges

Almost $90 million conceivably connected with criminal activities was laundered through 46 cryptocurrency exchanges, the Wall Street Journal detailed Friday.


Specifically, the Journal announced, some $9 million was laundered through ShapeShift AG, the Erik Voorhees-drove cryptocurrency exchange known for enabling clients to keep up their secrecy, over a two-year time frame. Besides, this was the biggest laundery through any single U.S.- built exchange with respect to its list.


The Journal’s examination followed assets from in excess of 2,500 crypto wallet addresses related with revealed criminal activity, finding that $88.6 million was laundered through the exchange. ShapeShift, it claims, was “the biggest beneficiary of the assets with a U.S. presence,” noticing that while it is registered in Switzerland, it is operated in the U.S. territory of Colorado.


Columnists gave ShapeShift a list of addresses deemed “suspicious,” which the exchange at that point restricted, chief legal officer Veronica McGregor stated, as indicated by the article.


The report portrayed how it followed assets from one fraudulent scheme to trades, clarifying that columnists took after exchanges and wallet addresses on the ethereum blockchain to ShapeShift and KuCoin. At ShapeShift, some $517,000 in ethereum was changed over to monero, where the trail went dim, for instance.


The report’s planning is remarkable, coming only weeks after ShapeShift declared it would uphold “know-your-client” rules starting one month from now.


McGregor told the Journal that the move was “not because of any administrative authorization activity,” yet rather, as a component of a push to “de-hazard” the trade.


Her announcement reverberated remarks by Voorhees, who revealed to CoinDesk that the move was a “proactive” advance to prevent any future administrative activity.


“It was a vital choice as we trust the danger of not doing as such had become excessively incredible. It was not made daintily,” he said.


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