Peter Schiff’s Company “Gold Bug” Now Allows Bitcoin Cash

Joining a number of precious metals firms that allow BCH this week, to the amazement of the bitcoin cash sector, is the infamous “gold bug” Peter Schiff latest declaration which is now allowing the payment of commodities via bitcoin.

Now allowing the Bitcoin cash as payment is the person that mocked the Bitcoin economy calling them “Digital Beanie Babies”.

For quite some time, the economist and notorious “gold bug” Peter Schiff has been a “bitcoin hater”. According to Mr. Shiff, bitcoin is believed to be invaluable, taking into consideration that the virtual currency is more similar to Beanie Babies hype or the Tulip. Moreover, in the previous summer, Schiff had a debate with Max Keise and argued that signals of the virtual currencies community.

At that moment Schiff also detailed that, although bitcoin is being set up by users, it remains worthless and it all comes down to belief and he further commented that if an individual desired your bitcoin, then nothing can be accomplished with its possession, he mentioned during the debate.

On the other hand, although Schiff dislikes bitcoin, he has also allowed the payment of virtual currency via Bitpay the payment processor. Schiff told spectators during the liberty conference in Washington that during his encounter with’s Communications Ambassador, Sterlin Lujan, he instantly cash out in the form of fiat currency.

Any Free Market Approach to Money and Barter is Supported by Schiff Gold Gold

Schiff Gold, the economist’s bullion company now permits the spread of virtual currency bitcoin cash (BCH). Even though Schiff Gold allows BCH via Bitpay, the payment processor, the firm has elaborated that precious stones are the best answer to a safe-haven asset.

The Company site also detailed that they highly recommend tangible precious stones as the best permanent safe haven asset and warn their customers to refrain from speculative investments.

In addition, the company noted that they encourage any free market approach to money and barter and acknowledges the bitcoin as a valid payment option and also emphasize that they are pleased to be working with Bitpay to process consumer transaction in the form of bitcoin.

Supporters of Bitcoin cash were happy to receive that Schiff Gold was allowing BCH payments because currently, numerous precious metal businesses allow BCH payments also. As of now, bullion dealers who allow bitcoin cash are namely Apmex, JM Bullion and Silver gold bull respectively.


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