Dell Has Blockchain Drives To Driver Server Growth In India

Technology giant Dell has stated its ambitions to invest in evolving tech such as blockchain to maintain its opposition in India’s server market.

The plans come ahead of Dell’s determination to maintain its top position in India’s server market. The multibillion-dollar tech giant got requests from its clients trying out recent server solutions, according to Manish Gupta, senior director, and general manager of Dell EMC India. He noted that Dell plans to introduce newer products that would have the perspective in the blockchain, including artificial intelligence cloud, and analytics.

The clientele of Dell EMC India includes dominant local IT firms, banks, financial organizations, insurance companies and even the government which is supposedly taking interest in the blockchain applications.

Blockchain has crossed beyond its use case, for a public ledger that stores transaction data of Bitcoin, first of its kind decentralized money, with expectations to innovate everything.

Dell, whose networking and server business model received a global revenue of $5.1 billion in the second quarter of 2018, is of the opinion that blockchain could be the tool it needs to maintain its success. The sentiment, the company of late introduced a new server called PowerEdge MX that will promote both traditional and emerging data center workloads such as blockchain.

It is yet to be confirmed the extent at which the new servers would support blockchain. Dell EMC had developed PowerEdge MX’s potential to “flexibly build and combine compute, storage, and networking” by dealing with workloads of the organizations concentrating on artificial intelligence, IoT and software-defined storage and networking. There was, yet, no talk of the blockchain.

But, the addition of blockchain as a likely workload itself indicates increasing adoption of the technology among Indian organizations. The Indian government which has unfriendly views regarding cryptocurrencies has introduced blockchain plans for issuing birth certificates, registering land records, tackling drugs menace and others.


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