Bitcoin Cash Now Accepted By Seoul-Based Food Delivery

This is another great news for bitcoin fans. The Shuttle Delivery, a South Korean food delivery firm used by people to order meals with their mobile devices has announced that it now accepts BCH for door-to-door meal deliveries all over the Seoul region. The application is available in two languages: Korean and English, both for Android mobile phones and iOS the firm now deals with traditional credit cards, Paypal and bitcoin cash. BCH users are now connected to over 200 restaurants inSouth Korea.

“Shuttle Delivery provides delivery services from a variety of Seoul’s best restaurants,” as explained by the company’s website. “So you can enjoy the best food in the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you happen to be! We offer a fully bilingual service where customers can place orders in either English or Korean (한국어).”

Bitcoin Cash was added to Shuttle Delivery website on September 16.

You can order local Korean dishes, American Grill, Italian, Indian, Vegetarian, Turkish and European food from diverse restaurants on the Shuttle Delivery platform.

Shuttle Delivery is a bilingual service in English and Korean (한국어).

The news was highly welcomed by BCH fans on r/btc. One BCH supporter wrote that they are pleased with the idea of not having to use a credit card to buy food for relatives.

“This is nice,” says the BCH proponent u/ricardotown on Reddit.

“I can now internationally buy food for my in-laws without kissing Visa’s ring.”

This is not the only meal transport service accepting bitcoin cash in South Korea. is another platform that accepts BCH payments, as well as the unknown online German food marketplace, which is a branch of Takeaway. This platform connects more than 30,000 restaurants all over Europe and Vietnam to bitcoin cash customers



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