New BCH Payment Protocol Proposed By Yenom Developers

Shun Usami, Taiki Uchida and Aoi Serikawa, Yenom developers, have proposed a new wallet scheme for the whole Bitcoin Cash network called the Deep Link Payment Protocol (DLPP).

The proposal is as the name indicates, a deep link scheme system restrained to a wallet application with a callback URL. The concept is not really different from the BIP21 (URL scheme). BIP21 is a Uri formula that enables users to pay for products by simply clicking a link. The Yenom programmers proposed a deep link scheme that basically offers similar communication between the wallet and other applications.

Usami’s proposal explains that: “When the application completes the requested behavior, the wallet pings the callback URL.”

According to the details from the DLPP specifications, the current experience with mobile wallets is not user-friendly, and payments of cryptocurrency take more steps than required. For example, using a traditional cryptocurrency wallet, owners have to copy the address, type the precise amount, then authorize the payment. Using the DLPP scheme, the payment link is already opened inside the wallet software; the users just need to confirm the payment.

It is the belief of the Yenom developers that the process is simple and an alternative design method equivalent to BIP70 can also be used. An example of such a method is Bitpay’s payment protocol, which is a version of BIP 70, 71 and 72.

According to the Yenom developers, the protocol specifications gives room for forwarding compatibility. The DLPP scheme detailed: “adding optional parameters can be done by simply adding them – Adding required parameters or a destructive change can be done by simply changing the type name to a new one.”

The protocol can remove essentially three out of the five steps usually required by traditional wallets, at the condition that the mobile clients don’t act on a URL callback without consent from the wallet owner.


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