One Of Canadia’s Diamond Mining Company Turns To Blockchain In Hiring A New CEO

Lucara Diamond, one of the top Canadian diamond and exploration mining company, in a bid to appoint a new CEO, ended up hiring one who has a vision of toping the diamond industry with the aid of blockchain technologies.

The new CEO, who goes by the name Eira Thomas, after being appointed has taken over Clara Diamond solutions after its purchase for about 29 mln, or 13.1 mln shares. Clara is one of the digital evolutions in Canada that strongly makes use of blockchain and even cloud to ensure the productive delivery of diamonds from the mine to the masses.

Chairman of Lucara, Lukas Lundin had something to contribute to this effect, he said,

“We believe that Clara will not only modernise the entire diamond sales process but unlock additional value for all participants across the diamond market.”

One good thing about Blockchain systems is its increased transparency in marketing as there is more production of chain management, wherein each transaction on the blockchain is permanently recorded. This particular turn out of event occurred all due to the turn of interest from other De Beers, one of Canada’s largest diamond miners, as they took on blockchain as their own means of diamond supply to transfer each diamond without hurdles, and it is this same path Lucara has chosen to follow.


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