Government Of Tanzania Looks To Information, Technology Sphere For Assistance In Blockchain Use Cases

The government of Tanzania has publicly invited academics and analyst to partner in producing a preferable blockchain regulation, The Citizen, South African news outlet reports.

Part of the speech at the second yearly ICT [Information and Communications Technology] Professionals Conference 2018 in Dar Es Salaam, Dr. Jim Yonazi, the Deputy Permanent Secretary Minister for Works, Transport, and Communications, talked to the industry for assisting divining new use cases for blockchain in order to stop appropriate regulatory moves.

He said that: “Although we (the government) can have a national blockchain committee, I also challenge you (experts) and universities to conduct thorough research on this technology to understand its potentials and challenges before full adoption.”

Tanzania stays pragmatic in its way to cryptocurrency and also blockchain with the central bank in a similar vein wanting to study the phenomenon itself since last December for them to develop the regulation.

Both of them stay in their infancy in the country but with sporadic innovations like the first baby “born” on the blockchain in Tanzania as part of a women’s aid project featuring the experimental nature of the technology locally.

The Citizen quoted ICT lecturer Anthony Kigombola saying that: “Formalization of the activities needs such digital products as business software, communication platforms, affordable financial services affordable logistics and marketplaces which are easily accessible in the Blockchain [sic] platforms.”


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