AMD Releases 8 New Blockchain Compute Solutions

According to a website, a California based semiconductor producer, AMD has clearly corporated with seven bog tech companies to manufacture eight new cryptocurrency mining rigs.

As indicated by the list of newly released miners on the website under the title “AMD and Blockchain Technology,” the company has associated with Sapphire, ASROCK, ASUS, MSI, Biostar, TUL and Rajintek to offer eight different rigs boasting a performance at all times and ”Enterprise-level quality.” The price of the item hasn’t been announced at the moment.

Also, AMD focuses that the corporation will bring new “blockchain compute solutions” to the market, it was created to meet different aspirations of “innovative blockchain platforms.” Cryptocurrencies are named only two times on the page cited as “the most well-known use case” of blockchain technology, and as a title of the section “Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrency.”

Clearly, as part of the company’s offer for the new line of hardware at the end of last month, AMD published a video on blockchain clarifying main features of the technology, naming trust and security as its most important benefits.

The moves come just a week after AMD published its 3rd quarter 2018 financial report where the firm stated that the “blockchain-related GPU sales in the third quarter were negligible.” However, the report included the average selling price of the GPU was decreased because of lower sales.

Just like how cointelegraph reported before, as a company, AMD has not always shown a good view on the blockchain. A few months ago, Lisa Su, the CEO said that blockchain was a very essential technology with high potential when it comes to transactions. According to the CEO of AMD, the tech may have caused some sort of distraction.


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