AT&T Launches Blockchain Solutions For Business

AT&T has launched a series of blockchain solutions to enable enterprises in different industries to manage data more effectively, according to the telecom giant on its website. The solutions include technology from Microsoft and IBM and can be usual to users in industries ranging from manufacturing to retail and healthcare.

The company stated it is joining its “edge to edge” potentials with distributed ledger technology (DLT). AT&T’s blockchain solutions can monitor the activity of goods through factories and monitor product quality from its manufacturing to its distribution to the end user.

The firm’s DLT services can make it possible to guarantee product genuineness by tracking its activity from order to distribution for retailers, in addition to decreasing waste and unwanted stock.

For healthcare organizations, AT&T’s new products can support secure sharing of recent patient records and directories.

AT&T consulting team can develop and run solutions using both IBM’s DLT platform and Microsoft Azure.

“Blockchain is far more than just bitcoin or cryptocurrency. It’s transforming the way many companies conduct business,” Andy Daudelin, vice president of AT&T Business’s Alliances Business Development, said in the announcement. “Blockchain improves security and enables better management of transactions through complex processes. Utilizing our global network and IoT capabilities, AT&T enhances blockchain by providing edge-to-edge solutions that automate the tracking and that can even monitor the environmental conditions throughout the process.”


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