IBM Patents Blockchain System To Develop A ‘Trust’ Between AR Game Player, Real World Locations

IBM, a big global tech giant has applied for another Blockchain Patent, this time planning to stop augmented reality (AR) game players from intruding on undesirable locations. The firm’s most recent patent document was released by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Thursday, Nov. 1.

According to the patent, IBM is also known as Big Blue, describes a blockchain based approach and system of interactions between an AR-running mobile device and locational database for them to set and maintain safe boundaries between AR objects and real-world physical locations. As indicated by the document, a distributed ledger is set to continue maintaining a developing list of data records secures from fraud, scams, and alterations.

Based on a blockchain backed location database, the “exemplary method” AR game enables mobile devices to get a signal about whether a specific location on AR is not wanted. Also, the described system can change certain AR objects that are shown as unwanted and portray them on mobile devices.

IBM gives a short description of augmented reality in the patent claiming that a type of gaming is tied to a location that is overlaid by pictures if more game products like characters, resources or internal game locations. By applying for the new blockchain patent, IBM can give a guarantee of trust between real-world locations and location-based AR games.

The biggest provider of blockchain related patent technologies in the world is IBM when it comes to the number of applied patents. Filing an accumulated number of 89 blockchain patent by the end of August, the tech firm came second place after Alibaba with 90 patent application.

In the middle of October, cointelegraph released an analysis devoted to the past of IBM blockchain patents in many industries like logistics, Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain hardware and others.


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