The Best Way To Shuffle Your BCH Coins

The bitcoin cash wallets: there are quite a number of them these days and even more to come. However, a particular one caught our attention this week: the Electron Cash wallet.

The Electron Cash wallet is a light client that gives users a secure SPV wallet that does not require a full download of the entire BCH chain. The Electron Cash is a branch of the Electrum wallet software. It was developed by a programmer whose pseudonym is ‘Jonald Fyookball.’

The latest version of the Electron Cash wallet is the 3.2 and is available on its official website: the source code can either be found on the website or on Github.

There are four operating systems, among which you can select the one that works best in order to install Electron Cash. The four operating system are Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Android.

Follow the required steps for the installation of the application on your system: open the app after downloading (the machine might require an administrator password to open the application), you will be asked to choose between a manually configured server or auto-connect to the client’s servers. The auto-connect is the easiest way. Electron cash will then ask you to either give a name of your choice to your wallet or maintain the default name.

The next step is all about a special feature that gives you the ability to create a multi-signature wallet. It means that more than one person can use the same wallet. In that case, the app will not sign a transaction unless the second person authorizes the transaction. You also have the ability to import an existing address or private keys. Encrypting the wallet with a password is a possibility after you have imported or not an existing address. If you decide not to import an address, you can choose to create a standard wallet. The app will then give you a twelve-word phrase as a backup. It is advisable to not the phrase down somewhere safe.

You can also download the Cashshuffle plugin, which allows you to mix coins via a Coinjoin method so as not to be able to determine the origins of the derived BCH. This special and technical plugin can only work with Windows and Linux.

Now, to make a shuffle, you need an address with not less than 0.01 to 0.1 BCH held in the UTXO’s in your wallet. Once you have that, choose a server from the list, select a change address and a shuffle output address, you can now proceed with the shuffling process. If anything goes wrong during the process, the app will notify you and you will see an error in the dialogue window.



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