Boost VC Announces Call For Crypto Startups

Technology startup accelerator Boost VC has revealed that it is accepting applications from crypto startups to be part of Tribe 12, its recent accelerator program cohort. Since 2012, Boost VC has graduated several cohorts with over 75 crypto-related projects as well as prominent blockchain projects such as Ethereum, Aragon, and MyCrypto.

Per the announcement, the company is planning to invest in blockchain startups that offer solutions for cross chain functionally, front-end blockchain solutions, crypto team building and maintenance, and general blockchain scaling.

Boost VC terms its investment focus for Tribe 12 as an effort to fill in missing pieces in the blockchain and crypto adoption puzzle form an infrastructure opinion. Although investors such as Goldman Sachs remain in the spotlight with attractive investments in startups focused on crypto custody and trading solutions, Boost VC is taking its investment from a broader viewpoint, seeking out startups that can build nuts-and-bolts blockchain solutions including cross-chain navigation interface and management solutions for the peculiar challenge of distributed crypto teams.

Applications from startups interested in developing frameworks for commerce, communication and government similar to ConsenSys, but operating on other non–Ethereum blockchains are welcomed. For Boost VC, the goal is to discover studio builder models for quick iterations on bringing crypto mainstream.

Boost VC is also seeking for projects focused on the development and management of crypto teams, which come with the unique and unseen challenge of being almost entirely discrete, contractor-heavy rather than employee-based and having the near-instant liquidity provided by crypto payments, which develops a different incentive model from traditional startups.

Moreover, projects that develop cross-chain interfaces outside of custody exchange and wallet solutions are particularly significant for investment. This is due to the fact that Boost VC view such projects as essentially attractive opportunity to develop a blockchain interaction utility that can be recreated across the other top 5-10 blockchain networks.

The company also searching for the “Coinbase for other blockchains/dapps” including a possible solution for a legal battle that takes advantage of various regulatory environments across jurisdictions. Country-specific custody solutions and security trading solutions are also cited.

A piece from the announcement states:

“Regulatory arbitrage plays. We invest globally. Therefore we will look at teams using certain jurisdictions to their advantage. Areas of legal gambling. Custody designed for specific countries. Trading securities.”


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