Overview Of Bitcoin This Monday

$60 Charged by Bitfinex for Bank Wire Withdrawals

Bitfinex, the Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange, has raised the minimum fee imposed on fiat withdrawals to bank accounts. The fee amounts to a minimum of $60/€60, or 0.1 percent of the withdrawn amount, as reported by Forklog. A 1 percent fee will be paid by users who want 24-hour money transfers on working days.

The exchange announced on Nov. 11 that it plans to charge a 3 percent fee on all external wire withdrawal requests exceeding certain frequency and size limits (more than two fiat withdrawals a month and more than $1 million in aggregate in fiat withdrawals in any 30-day period). $20 used to be the minimum withdrawal fee for fiat funds at Bitfinex. The press release did not make mention of the latest increase.

Data provided by Coinmarketcap revealed that Bitfinex is currently the fifth largest digital asset trading platform by daily volume. According to the exchange, what it calls “regular withdrawals” by most of its customers, will not be affected by the new fees.

FLX One Wallet Now Released

FLX Partnership Ltd., based in San Diego, has announced the release of its latest cryptocurrency hardware wallet: FLX One. The hardware wallet supports 20 popular currencies that include major coins like BCH, BTC, LTC, and ETH. The device has an inbuilt rechargeable battery and Bluetooth wireless functions. iOS and Android systems mobile apps for the wallet are already available.

Developers say that FLX One has been designed with a number of security features. For example, communication can be disabled automatically when signing transactions. There is encrypted communication between each of the device’s components. It can detect attempts to alter its software and hence, lock permanently.

The wallet has a backup device, FLX key. The device can be used to restore account information in case of damage or loss of FLX One. As detailed in the press release, the backup process is integrated within the initial setup, once the FLX Key is inserted into the hardware wallet, important data will be copied automatically by the FLX One system.

ICO for Portuguese Football Team?

One of Portugal’s leading football clubs, Sporting Lisbon, is considering an initial coin offering (ICO). The local news outlet Dinheiro Vivo reported that the team wants to issue its own token as an alternative way to raise funds. As noted by the publication, the team’s management wants to take advantage of the opportunities that come with digital currencies.

Sporting Clube de Portugal, known for its football team, is one of the oldest and most popular sports clubs in the country it is not the only club turning its attention towards cryptocurrencies, as the Paris Saint Germain football club, created a fan token in September, and earlier this year, a British territory premier division team revealed it will pay its players with digital coins. The name of the team is Gibraltar United F.C.


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