Common Questions Asked By Home Sellers

Selling a house is not an easy task to do. It can be challenging and difficult to get the right crowd of people to your doorstep. It is even more difficult to sell a house that you live in because the thought of whether the buyer will be able to maintain or love the house as you did will be something you cant prevent yourself from thinking about. Selling a house that you live in is like terminating an age old friendship. In this article we have some of the most obvious questions home sellers ask all of the time.

#1. How much renovation is to be done?

Before putting up a house for sale, there are lots of renovations that need to be done. This can be a difficult task for sellers because they might see the house as perfectly in need of no repairs. The bitter fact though is that you are not going to sell the house to yourself but to someone else that sees the house in a whole different dimension. Confusion at the stage is at its peak because most sellers do not really know what areas need or need not to be renovated.

#2. What is the value of the house?

The value of a house can be determined by different factors which might include the location, the size, the age, history of the house and so on. Most sellers compare their house to other houses that have been sold to know the value of the house. But if this is hard to determine, you can seek the advice of a valuer.

#3. How long will the house be on the market?

This question is one of the most dreaded one faced by sellers because the longer your house stay on the market, the more its value depreciates. That is why before selling a house, most sellers get to repeat this question over and over again in their minds. You don’t want your house to be on the market for ages.

#4. At What cost should the house be sold?

This question can give sellers sleepless night trying to figure out at what price they should sell their house. At what point should they stop negotiation? If they should be flexible when it comes to agreeing to an offer made by the buyer?

#5. What are the right things to say?

During the process of showing the house to prospective buyers, things can go wrong by the seller saying something that is out of place. That is why sellers get worried when it comes to determining what to say they meet with buyers.


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